Dog Scouts Day Camp and Hiking!

Hello Family!

I am having such a great time at Dog Scouts! My friend Claudia brings us for four hours of adventure around great trails in complete freedom! I don't have to wear my leash! I get to hike and play with new friends all the time! I'm going to feel so relaxed and happy by the time I get back home. Claudia loves to keep us busy!

I am really having an awesome time at Dog Scouts!

Your best friend,

Dog Scouts Day Camp and Hiking!

3074 7th Line, Innisfil (west of 10th Sideroad)

Located on 50 acres of private forest
4 hours of daily off-leash hiking throughout our trails
2 acres of fenced, shaded, outdoor play area
Daycare on weekdays, except Wednesday
Boarding 7 days a week

The Dog Scouts

While living in BC with Jackson, our black lab, we took every opportunity to explore the amazing endless trails there. It inspired me to bring dogs back to nature, let them run in complete freedom and connect with the earth and with each other.

When we moved to Innisfil, we started Dog Scouts Day Camp and Hiking. This was made possible when we found a perfect property with 50 acres of forested land, creeks and several kilometres of trail.

Our main focus is exercise. Your dog will have the opportunity to go for 4 hours of daily off leash hiking throughout our private forest. We will assess your dog for their obedience level before they are off leash and we will use a GPS tracking device for their first few days at the camp until we are sure that they are listening properly and staying with the pack.

Our daily routine focuses on your dog individually and in a friendly pack environment. It's important to stimulate dogs' minds and bodies, and that is what we strive to do all day!

Dear Claudia,

We just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you for the extraordinary love and care you give to our dogs, Homer and Fraggle EVERY single week.

We always know that our dogs will be good and tired in a safe and stress free environment. You truly offer a doggie paradise!! And most importantly, you run your business from your heart - and it shows in everything you do.

If there are any drawbacks to using Dog Scouts, it is that Homer and Fraggle now view our house as their second home!!!!! We hope to be bringing "the kids" to you for a long, long time. Thanks for always being so accommodating and flexible - another unique and rare quality only found at Dog Scouts.

Tom & Suzanne


We miss you!

Thank you so much for taking care of Paco this past summer. He absolutely loved spending time with you and Jackson and all the other dogs. Being pregnant and tired all the time it was a great peace of mind to know you will come by and take my high-energy dog for swims in the lake or on hikes and he will return home tired and happy.

We wish you all the best for Ontario; Paco is trying to figure out how to book a flight to hang out with you guys again.

Stef and Paco

The Camp

An Active Dog is a Happy Dog!

Dog Scouts Day Camp and Hiking is located on 50 acres of private forest. We hike with the dogs throughout our trails for 4 hours daily. The dogs have access to creeks that run along our trails with fresh running water. We have a two acre fenced outdoor area where the dogs socialize and play in between walks in a natural forest environment. The dogs can warm up or cool down, depending on the season in our walk-in indoor area.

Day Camp Schedule

Weekdays except Wednesday - 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Day Camp - $25 (includes hikes)

Overnight Boarding - $35 (includes hikes)

Overnight Boarding available 7 days/week


Required Vaccinations (please bring records for our files): DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza) Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough)

Recommended Vaccinations: Leptospirosis

Dear Claudia,

Thank you so much for coming to our rescue this summer, and taking Grom on so many long walks, and "doggy socials" at the lake! You are absolutely great with dogs, and your passion for animals is so obvious! It was so nice to know as we headed out for long days at work that you would be coming by to spend time with Grom. Each outing is an adventure, and I know he appreciated it as much as we did! Nothing is better than knowing Grom had a wonderful day with you, and his four legged friends, and was a happily socialized (and tired) dog to come home to! Thanks again for all your help, and we wish you all the best in the future!

Laura and Grom

Dear Claudia,

I speak on behalf of Shiloh who adores you. Thank you so very much for making me a part of your family of dog scouts. I look forward to my walks with you. I am not able to go for walks with my owner because she is having problems with her back so you have become a part of my exercise program. I am having more fun than you can imagine because I get to run freely without my leash. I love you Claudia and look forward to every hike because I feel safe with you and my new friends. You even give me treats and lots of love. How much more could I ask for. Woof!

P.S. Did you know that I am 13 years old and I am now in better shape than I have ever been. Until next time...thanks.

Shiloh Janet Tonello

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Jim and I are very appreciative of the time you spent with Lexy this past summer. We know that Lexy looked forward to her outings with you; the walks, swims at the lake, and the interaction with other dogs. Your love for animals was certainly obvious and it wasn't just Jim and I who missed you when you moved away, Lexy certainly did as well! We wish you the very best in your new adventure and know that any dog owner who entrusts the care of their pet with yourself will be very satisfied and content, and their dog ... very lucky indeed!


The Details

Contact me by email, telephone, or complete and submit our contact form.

Claudia Pastorelli

Telephone: (705) 321-4608



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